WELCOME! - News and Notes on the Marquette Road Project
In 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) will reconstruct nearly one mile of Marquette Road, from Mooney Street to Washington Street. The project is scheduled to begin in April and conclude in November. During the time the project is underway, there will be several detour routes for motorists to follow. Maps and directions for each detour route for each phase of the project can be found below. Once completed, Marquette Road will feature three roundabouts, at Blackhawk Avenue, Iowa Street and Wisconsin Street. This will be the first roundabouts in Prairie du Chien, and both the DOT and City of Prairie du Chien are encouraging motorists to become familiar with the rules and guidelines for navigating roundabouts. The City will host a public information meeting in February or March of 2014 to provide a forum for motorists to learn more about driving through the roundabouts. There is also information and links on this webpage to provide assistance. During the course of the project, we will provide construction updates and other important information on this webpage, so please check back often! If you have questions, please contact the following:
Prairie du Chien City Hall - 608-326-6406 * Tim Maedtke, Wisconsin DOT Project Manager - 608-789-6317

Application for Permit to Install Temporary Business Sign(s) on Highway Right-of-Way During Improvement Project
Preliminary Plans for Marquette Road (LaPointe to Mooney Streets - Schedule for 2017)
Detour Route Map
WisDOT Roundabout Educational Video: Take it Slow. How to navigate a multi-lane roundabout
This is the Wisconsin DOT educational video for navigating a multi-lane roundabout. WisDOT took a different approach to roundabout public outreach with this light-hearted, fun, easy-to-understand tutorial.
All About Wisconsin Roundabouts
Information on the safety and efficiency of modern roundabouts, and the proper way drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians should use these types of circular intersections.
For a larger version of the information, please click directly on the picture.

Choose the proper lane before entering: As you get closer to the roundabout entrance, it is very important to observe the signs and arrows to determine which lane to use before entering a roundabout. Black and white
signs on the side of the road and white arrows on the road will show the correct lane to use. In general, if you want to make a left turn, you should be in the left lane or other lanes that are signed and marked as left turn lanes. If you want to make a right turn, you should be in the right lane or other lanes that are signed and marked as right turn lanes. If you want to go straight, observe the signs and arrows to see what lane is correct.

Drivers approaching a roundabout must reduce their speeds, look for potential conflicts with vehicles already in the circle, and be prepared to stop for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Once in the roundabout, drivers proceed to the appropriate exit, following the guidance provided by traffic signs and pavement markings.
(From the Wisconsin DOT)

Modern roundabouts are among the newer forms of intersection control in the U.S. along with the J-turn, Echelon, diverging diamond, and others. Wisconsin has over 200 roundabouts installed and operating at this time. Several others are in the planning stages around the state. The modern roundabouts are much smaller than the "traffic circles" of earlier years.

Roundabouts provide safe and efficient traffic flow. A number of safety studies have been researched by the University of Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety laboratory (UW TOPS lab), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and others internationally.

Roundabouts move traffic safely through an intersection because of:

* Slower speeds
* Fewer conflict points
* Easier decision-making

The safety studies by the UW TOPS lab shows that roundabouts provide a:

* 52 percent reduction in fatal and injury crashes
* 9 percent reduction for all crashes

Roundabouts are also bringing about a significant decrease in severe crashes.

Emergency vehicles in the roundabout

* Always yield to emergency vehicles.
* If you have not entered the roundabout, pull over and allow emergency vehicles to pass.
* If you have entered the roundabout,
continue to your exit, then pull over
and allow emergency vehicles to pass.
* Avoid stopping in the roundabout.


How Roundabouts Work

The Benefits of Roundabouts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Roundabouts

Roundabouts in Wisconsin

Roundabouts for Kids

Design Information
The City of Prairie du Chien, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce all recognize businesses located in work zones have special needs. It's critical that customers have access to businesses and that they continue to visit them, regardless of any road work inconvenience. Please click on the links below for helpful ideas on how to navigate your business' way through the Marquette Road Project:

In this Together Workbook
This workbook shows how WisDOT and businesses can work together to succeed during a highway construction project.

Case Studies
Case studies describing how communities helped maintain their businesses during road construction.

Promotional Samples
There are many ways to promote businesses during construction. This link shows what some businesses have done to keep customers coming during construction.

For more information about this program, contact the Southwest Regional office of the DOT.


by City of Prairie du Chien on 07/10/14

(Prairie Du Chien, WI – July 9th 2014) – In an effort to keep the Marquette Road project on schedule for completion in 2014, a change in the construction schedule will take place later this month. The project is currently three weeks behind schedule due to adverse weather conditions in the past few weeks. Rain water washing sand into storm sewer pipes has accounted for part of the delay. A delay in the contractor gaining access to BNSF Railroad property adjacent to Marquette Road has also contributed to the delay. Portions of the delay also came from unanticipated underground conflicts and complications with utilities. 

“The primary reason for this change is to accomplish the goal of completing the project in 2014,” said City Administrator Aaron Kramer. “We have heard from impacted businesses and residents that there is little to no support to see this project stretch into 2015. I appreciate the efforts the DOT is making to respond to those concerns.” 

As a result, the contractor will be allowed to begin removing pavement and working on underground utilities north of Hayden Street to Washington Street (Phase 4) prior to the current work area (Phases 1 and 2) being open to traffic. The work on Phase 4 will begin the week of July 28th. Due to this work, the Washington Street crossing on Marquette Road will be closed. Traffic from Highway 27 will be directed north on Ohio Street to McLeod Street. Allowing Phase 4 to commence prior to Phase 3 will maintain the Blackhawk Avenue crossing of Marquette Road. 

Businesses interested in learning more about the change in the project schedule, as well as any other issue related to the project, are encouraged to attend the next Public Information meeting, scheduled for Wednesday July 16th at 2:30 PM at City Hall.


by City of Prairie du Chien on 05/30/14

* The intersection of North Main and Washington Street has been converted to a four-way stop. Parking on the east side of North Main (Blackhawk Avenue to Frederick Street) is now temporarily prohibited due the fact North Main is now being used as a detour route for the Marquette Road project. The Iowa, Wisconsin and Blackhawk intersections on Main Street are all now four-way stops with signalized stop-and-go lights. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 326-6406.

The alley from Blackhawk Avenue to Webster Street west of Marquette Road is open to through traffic, despite rumors to the contrary.


by City of Prairie du Chien on 05/13/14

NOTICE! Alliant Energy is scheduling utility work for Sunday night May 18th from approximately 11:00pm through 5:00am Monday morning May 19th, along Marquette Road from Wisconsin Street north to Walgreens and Wisconsin Street south to Webster Street.

Power will be interrupted on both sides of the alley affecting Illinois Street and Marquette Road customers on the west side of Marquette Road.

Alliant staff will be going door to door to inform the affected customers of this planned outage.

The Marquette Road/Blackhawk Avenue traffic lights will be off during the work and stop signs on Blackhawk Avenue will be in place at the intersection.

Marquette Road Construction Update--May 12

by City of Prairie du Chien on 05/12/14

Some of the first pieces of equipment showed up for the Marquette Road project Thursday, May 8. Breaking of the concrete pavement was completed Friday and Saturday. Removal of the concrete pavement from just north of Crawford Street up to Iowa Street will take place the first part of this week. Sanitary sewer and water main work will begin on the south end of the project.

Currently, Marquette Road can be crossed at Wisconsin and Iowa Streets, north of the project limits. At the south project limits, Crawford Street is open to Marquette. Other than that, access across Marquette will be allowed (except for about one day in the coming weeks) for customers of O’Reilly Auto Parts only. In general, side road access will be allowed up to Marquette Road throughout construction for accessing businesses and residences; the exception will be when work is occurring directly on that side road. At this time, Marquette Road itself is open south of Crawford Street and north of Iowa Street.

 Access to businesses and residences is being maintained through side streets, alleys and temporary gravel beginning this week in the construction zone.

The start of Stage 2 may be about one to two weeks away. This will happen after Main Street is no longer flooded and the risk of flooding in the immediate future drops. At that time, Marquette Road will be closed at Iowa and Wisconsin Streets, in addition to what is currently closed.

 It should be noted that three-way stops exist now at Iowa Street/Main Street and Wisconsin Street/Main Street and East Crawford Street/Dousman Street by PdC High School. Also, until further notice, the intersection of South Dousman Street and East Iowa Street has been converted to a four-way stop. The city has implemented temporary “no parking” orders in certain areas as well.

Provided by WisDOT Project Leader Jay Adams



by City of Prairie du Chien on 05/12/14

The City will be restricting parking on the east side of Dousman Street from Blackhawk Avenue to Dunn Street. This will be temporary, not a permanent restriction to that street.

This video animation gives a focused view of how traffic traveling eastbound on Iowa Street interacts with an active rail crossing and the roundabout. Special traffic signals at the railroad crossing, called Queue Cutters, hold and release traffic in intervals after a train has just passed. This allows traffic at the roundabout to move more smoothly and increases safety at the railroad crossing for motorists, so vehicles don’t block the railroad tracks.
This video animation gives a general overview of the three roundabouts including standard signage, markings, and operations for modern roundabouts. When needed, the traffic near the roundabouts is coordinated with the nearby rail line with special signing and signals, although during this video no train crossing events actually occur.
This video animation gives a focused drive through of the three roundabouts with a railroad train crossing event and special overhead changeable message signs on Marquette Rd. at Wisconsin St. and Blackhawk Ave. for the northbound left turn lane at these two intersections. The special overhead blank-out sign is a multiple message sign that warns of a train on tracks, and no left turn restriction for the northbound left turn lane, if appropriate as traffic conditions dictate.