The mission of the Prairie du Chien Police Department is to provide quality law enforcement services;
maintain and improve community livability by working with our citizens to preserve life, maintain human
rights and dignity, protect property, preserve peace and public order, prevent crime, and promote
individual responsibility, community commitment and involvement.

* Location: 228 North Beaumont Road
* Hours: The Police Department provides law enforcement services to the City of Prairie du Chien 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
* Contacts: Emergency – 911 * Non-emergency – (608) 326-2421
* Administrative Assistant – (608) 326-4222 * Fax – (608) 326-6284 * Email -
* Mail: 228 North Beaumont Road; Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

71 -Chief of Police Chad Abram (Email)
72 - Lieutenant Terry Sprosty
76 - Sergeant Kyle Teynor
85 - Detective Stacy Polodna
74 - Officer Gerald Tippery
86 - Officer Ashley Erickson
89 - Officer Jeff Henry
75 - Officer Maxwell Erickson
84 - Officer Josh Hemmer
82 - Officer Tara Henry
81 - Officer Casey Cox
87 - Officer Tony Berg
Adm. Asst./Officer Patricia Schauf Yager (Email)

​Part-Time Employment: In order to more efficiently fulfill its mission, the Prairie du Chien Police Department employs a number of part-time sworn police officers. These officers perform exactly the same duties as their full-time counterparts and are subject to the same hiring and training standards. Part-time officers are hired as agency needs dictate.
713 - Officer Joe Breeser
714 - Officer John Moore
716 - Officer James Hackett
717 - Officer Marc Myhre
718 - Officer Josh Lund
720 - Officer Karl Sander
723 - Officer Stephen Herbers
724 - Officer Cody Mullikin
730 - Officer Jorrey Olson

The Police Department’s tactical team is unique in
that it is staffed by members of our own agency
along with officers drawn from and the Crawford
County Sheriff's Department. This unique,
multi-agency approach to tactical operations and 
arcotics enforcement is a logical and cost effective
answer to those serious law enforcement problems
that affect our citizens of both sides of the border.
The team is fully trained and equipped to handle
missions normally associated with tactical response as well as narcotics operations and clandestine drug laboratory seizure. (PICTURED: Prairie du Chien Police Officers assigned to the Tri-River Special Operations Team confer after the execution of a methamphetamine lab search warrant.)

The Crawford County Domestic Abuse Program - 1-888-200-8426
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin -  1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry
Crawford County Crime Stoppers - 1-866-779-PAYS (7297)


The CodeRED Weather Warning is a unique service that automatically calls citizens in the Crawford County area in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. 
In addition to weather warnings you can also receive general community notifications such as street closures and public awareness information by checking the “General Notifications” box on the sign up page. You may add as many cellphone, landline and email addresses for your family as you wish as long as they are all for the same address. Simply go back into the sign up page and add additional numbers as needed. There is no direct cost to you for signing up for any of the alerts.
Below is a link anyone can use when the department is seeking applicants for police officer positions. Currently we are not seeking full time but applicants can submit for the possibility of part time.

The WI Statewide VINE system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The VINE toll-free number for the WI Statewide VINE system is 888-868-4631. This service is provided to assist crime victims and other community members who have a right to know about the offenders currently in the custody of the Sheriff’s Department.
Citizens Academy to give insight into police officer duties

(Courier-Press - May 4th 2015) - If you’ve ever wanted to step into a police officer’s shoes and experience the work behind the badge, the opportunity will present itself this summer thanks to a new program called the Citizens Academy, hosted by the Prairie du Chien Police Department. Regular citizens or business owners of the city, 21 years and older, may apply to be among six individuals who go through the 10-week academy, which begins June 25 and will be held weekly, on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. Applications can be picked up at Prairie du Chien City Hall or at the police department dispatch center. ‘There will be a soft background check and an interview process,” Police Chief Chad Abram said.

Applications are due by Monday, May 25 to city hall or the police department. Once they’re gathered, an ethical leadership board made up of officers, council members, police and fire commission members, and citizens will select potential candidates and conduct interviews on Friday, June 5. By Monday, June 8, those accepted into the academy will be notified. The six recruits will receive a T-shirt and challenge coin upon completion, which is free to participants. The anticipated cost to the police department will be the minimal expense of T-shirts.

“This has been an idea of mine since I took over as chief. The goal is to give citizens a chance to see what police officers do,” Abram stated. “It’s not all citation writing and driving around. There’s a lot more to this job than people understand,” added Officer Ashley Erickson, academy organizer. “The Citizens Academy will show the recruits the type of training we go through in the police academy. They’ll drive a squad car and shoot weapons. They’ll get to see what we do for OWI and domestic arrests; we have to make sure our reports are filed and to the district attorney’s office on time. There’ll be a mock crime scene and a mock accident and they’ll need to go through and figure out what happened and file the paperwork.”

Additionally, participants will tour the police department, courthouse, jail and dispatch; use the squad car computers; witness taser and K-9 demonstrations; experience defense and arrest tactics; conduct field sobriety tests on individuals who’ve been drinking; and delve into simulated investigations. There will be instruction on traffic codes and crashes, vehicle contacts, felony stops, pursuit policy, firearms tactics, child and elder abuse, narcotics in the local community, vehicle searches, and the officer hiring process as well. Upon graduation, recruits will be eligible to apply for a concealed carry permit, since they will have gone through certified firearms instruction. 

Recruits, who will wear a duty belt during classes and must be in good physical condition, will meet and learn from these instructors: Chief Abram, Lieutenant Terry Sprosty, Sergeant Kyle Teynor, Detective Stacy Polodna and Officers Ashley and Max Erickson, Tony Berg, Josh Hemmer, Tara Henry, Casey Cox, and Park Ranger (former state trooper) John Moore. They will also hear from the circuit court judge, municipal court judge, district attorney, city attorney and mayor.

“We’ll explain how we all work and co-exist together,” Erickson said. “Another objective of the academy is to get the community involved. We want to build bridges with the community and not fences,” Abram noted. “We’re police officers but we’re also citizens who want to continue to grow relationships with the people in the city we serve.”

At the conclusion of the Citizens Academy, there will be an awards banquet on Friday, Aug. 28, where challenge coins and other honors will be presented.

Challenge coins are a distinguished token that the officers of the Prairie du Chien Police Department helped design and create in recent years. Inscribed with the core values of “protect, respect, integrity, duty and empathy (PRIDE),” the double-sided coins are awarded to officers and citizens at large for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

“The coins show a brotherhood, that you’re part of a team,” Abram said. “They show that our officers are committed to the community. And we want to share that with our community members.”

The Citizens Academy has been modeled after existing programs in the cities of Onalaska, La Crosse, Rhinelander and Tomah. It is hoped that this can become a yearly program, with the potential for a greater number of recruits after this inaugural year. With questions, contact the Prairie du Chien Police Department at 326-2421.

INSTRUCTORS: Officer Ashley Erickson #86, Park Ranger John Moore, Officer Tara Henry #82, Lt. Terry Sprosty #72, Sgt. Kyle Teynor #76Det. Stacy Polodna #85, Officer Max Erickson #75, Officer Casey Cox #81, Officer Tony Berg #87, Chief Chad Abram #71, Officer Josh Hemmer #84
SPECIAL GUESTS: Judge Daniel Key, Judge James Czajkowski, Deputy Joe Breeser #21, Mayor Dave Hemmer, DA Tim Baxter, City Attorney Tom Peterson


Applications have to be filled out and returned to City Hall or the Prairie du Chien Police Department by May 25, 2015. Interviews for the applicants chosen will be held June 5th, 2015.



Week I (June 25th) Initial Information
* Overview and Expectations of Recruits
* Mayor- Speech
* Tour of Police Department, Courthouse and Jail/Dispatch
* Cover FTO program and Hiring Process
* Dan Key and Judge Czajkowski introductions and overview of civil law vs. criminal law
Week II (July 2) - Traffic Code
* Traffic Code and Enforcement
* Traffic Crashes
* Mock Crash Scene
Week III (July 9) - EVOC
* Vehicle Contacts
* Felony Stops
* Pursuit Policy
Week IV (July 16) - DAAT
* Different Important Tactics in DAAT
* Redman Scenarios
Week V (July 23)- Firearms
* Firearms at Range
* Classroom about weapons
* Concealed Carry Class
Week VI (July 30) - Investigations
* Investigations Protocol
* Mock Crime Scene
* Child and Elder Abuse
* Internet Crimes
Week VII (August 5) - Narcotics
* Meth Presentation
* Consent and Searching Vehicles
* Drug Rundown
* K9 Demonstration
Week VIII (August 13) - OWI Enforcement
* Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
* OWI Paperwork
* Will have drinkers for SFST Demonstration
Week IX (August 20) - Scenarios
* Overall Scenarios
* Written Test
* Taser Demonstration
Week X (August 28) - Banquet
* Awards
* Ride-a-long Program

* All Class nights will be held on Thursdays except for classes on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 and the end banquet on Friday, August 28th, 2015.
​* Banquet will be held at City Hall. Officers will provide pot luck meals to pass for the dinner.
* All classes held from 6pm- 9pm.
* Each applicant will receive a t-shirt.
How to request an accident report from the Police Department 
Please click on the link to request an accident report. Include the following information in your email:
Name of involved party(s)
Insurance carrier
Date and location of the accident
Your contact information Phone
Case Number if available
Collect Green Bay Packers cards and you could win a meal from Culver’s (2013)

Local Culver’s franchise owner Jason Cathman (left) and Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram show off the 10,000 Green Bay Packers trading cards police officers handed out for good deeds and safe actions. (Photo by Correne Martin - Courier-Press)
Behind the badge with the Prairie du Chien police chief (2014)

Pictured after an informative Lunch with the Chief are kindergarteners (from left) Nathan Helgerson, Ashton Landt, Westin Marx, Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram, Portor Kossman and Tegan DuCharme.
Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram explained to five attentive kindergarteners at B.A. Kennedy about the duties of his job and how he’s available in Crawford County communities to maintain safety. (Photos by Correne Martin - Courier-Press)
Ride-along offers glimpse into local police force

Tara Henry says serving as a law enforcement officer in her hometown of Prairie du Chien has its benefits and disadvantages, but overall, she enjoys her job very much. She has been employed with the police department full-time since 2010. (Photo by Correne Martin - Courier-Press)