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The Planning, Zoning, & Building Department is responsible for the future plans of the City including the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The Department also enforces the Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance, and the Subdivision Ordinance. Applications for rezonings, conditional use permits, zoning code amendments, and variances are processed by Planning, Zoning & Building and forwarded to either the City Plan Commission or the Board of Zoning Appeals. The Department is also responsible for the regulation of all building in the City. Before you build, it is always a good idea to contact the Department to check on requirements. Both the property owner and the builder are responsible if appropriate permits have not been applied for and issued.

Obtaining a Building Permit
Permits are required for most construction activities including moving or demolishing a structure. The permit process gives the City the opportunity to determine if the construction meets the requirements of the Building Ordinance as well to ensure that the use of the property is consistent with surrounding uses and the City Zoning Ordinance. No building is to be constructed, reconstructed, remodeled, erected, altered, enlarged, repaired, moved or demolished, or have ground broken up for construction without a building permit issued by the City.

Airport Zoning Permit
A permit is required for any proposed structure 35 feet or higher within 3 miles of the airport.

Sewer and Water Connection/Disconnect
Utility Permit is required for any connection or disconnection to a water or sewer main. Additionally, any repair to the sewer lateral serving a specific property requires a permit. Permits can be obtained by contacting Julie Jackson, Municipal Technician, at City Hall at (608) 326-8024 or jjackson@prairieduchien-wi.gov.

Street Opening
A Utility Permit is required to cut a street curb for such things as installation of a driveway or to open a street for such things as repair of a sewer or water line. Permits can be obtained by contacting Julie Jackson, Municipal Technician, at City Hall at (608) 326-8024 or jjackson@prairieduchien-wi.gov.

A permit is generally required for installation of any sign. There are exceptions to this rule, and it is a good idea to check ahead of time with City staff.

All land in the City of Prairie du Chien is designated to one of ten zoning districts specified in the Zoning Ordinance. Additionally, there are two floodplain overlay districts. Certain land uses are allowed in each zoning district, and the regulations governing each district vary. The process of changing a parcel’s zoning is called a rezoning. A rezoning application will be evaluated based upon the proposed zone’s compatibility with existing zoning districts, surrounding uses, consistency with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and potential impacts of the proposed zoning district.

Conditional Use Permit
The City of Prairie du Chien Zoning Ordinance allows certain land uses in each zoning district. Some uses are generally permitted in each district. However, some land uses require the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit by the City Plan Commission. A conditional use application will be evaluated based upon the proposed use’s compatibility with surrounding zoning and uses and consistency with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The City Plan Commission may make approval contingent on certain “conditions” being met. Requirements may include such things as landscaping, architectural design, type of construction, construction commencement and completion dates, sureties, lighting, fencing, planting screens, operational control, hours of operation, improved traffic circulation, time period of permit, deed restrictions, highway access restrictions, increased yards, and parking.

A variance is a relaxation to the terms or requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. A variance cannot relax the list of permitted and conditional land uses within a zoning district. A variance may be granted when conditions are unique to the property and not the result of the applicant’s actions. The applicant must show a demonstrable hardship that unreasonably restricts the use of the property.

$50 + $.02 per square foot. Plus a $25 fee per inspection. For each category of construction involved (plumbing, heating, and electrical) another $.02 per square foot is added. For example, a person is putting a 500 square foot addition on their house. The person is charged $50 + $.02 per square foot. The addition will have plumbing, heating, and electrical needs. For each category another $.02 per square foot is added – for a total of $50 + $.08 per square foot.

$25 + $.02 per linear foot.

$25 + $.02 per square foot.




Conditional Use


CSM Review

Airport Zoning Permit

Vacation (streets & alleys)

Permit Penalty
If a project is started without a permit, permit fees are tripled.

For a complete fee schedule, click here
The Prairie du Chien Downtown Plan is now available online

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is available online by following the links below:
Cover - Table of Contents - A - Introduction - B - Community Vision - C - Plan Based Forecasts - D - Issues and Opportunities - E - Housing Element - F - Transportation - G - Utilities and Community Facilites - H - Agriculture, Natural Resources, Culture - I - Economic Development - J - Intergovernmental Cooperation - K - Land Use - L - General Provisions - Appendix A - Adoption ordinance Cover Sheet - Appendix B - Glossary - Appendix C - Swot Analysis

The City's Waterfront Plan (2009) can be accessed here.

The City's Housing Study (2009) can be accessed here:
Chapter One (Executive Summary) - Chapter Two (Demographics - Trends and Projections) - Chapter Three (Community Environment) - Chapter Four (Current Housing Conditions) - Chapter Five (Housing Inventory, Availability and Needs) - Chapter Six (Appendix)
Julie Jackson, Zoning Administrator and Municipal Technician

Building Inspector Dennis Hampton
City Planner Garth Frable