Location: 214 E. Blackhawk Avenue * Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM * Contacts: Phone - (608) 326-7207 (City Hall) - (608) 326-2985 (Hoffman Hall) Aquatic Park – (608) 326-8071 (June, July, August) * Fax - (608) 326-8182 * Email – pdcparks@mhtc.net
Cecil Smith Park, in the heart of Prairie du Chien, has a long standing tradition of hosting youth ball games for many years. Much volunteer work has been done over the past few years to upgrade the facility and keep that tradition alive and well. We are now ready to take another large step to improve the park. The Prairie du Chien Independent Little League is raising funds to contribute to the construction of a new multi-use shelter at Cecil Smith Park. The project is a joint effort between the City of Prairie du Chien and the Prairie du Chien Independent Little League. Construction of the new facility is scheduled to begin this spring. The new shelter will:
  • Contain a new upgraded, compliant, and centrally located restroom facility
  • Contain a new Concession Stand with improved security and storage
  • Provide better service for the patrons who come to watch the kids play
  • Provide shade on sunny days and shelter during inclement weather
  • Provide an additional park shelter to be enjoyed by the entire community 
The Prairie du Chien Independent Little League has an annual participation of approximately 250 children from Grades K-8. The improved facilities will help us continue to serve the youth of the Prairie du Chien area for many years to come. The goal of the Prairie du Chien Independent Little League is to raise $15,000 to contribute to the shelter and other upgrades at Cecil Smith Park. We need your help to accomplish this. We have established several levels of giving to fit all budgets. Your tax-deductible donation can be made to the City of Prairie du Chien - Little League Foundation. Donations to this effort may be made in any amount. All donors at the levels listed below will be displayed on a recognition plaque that will be permanently displayed at the new facility. Contact Matt Martin – President Prairie du Chien Independent Little League with questions (608) 412-1249. For more information, and where to donate, please click on this link for the informational flyer.
On Line Registration Now Available for City of Prairie du Chien Recreation Programs!
Parks and Recreation Director Mike Ulrich is happy to announce that the Parks and Recreation Department will now have the capabilities to register all of their programming online. Ulrich states that this will continue the departments on-going efforts to upgrade our methods of getting the word out to the public and make registration procedures more user friendly. While patrons can still utilize the traditional methods of registering either by sending or dropping off forms and fees to City Hall this should make it simpler from your home and payment through a secure site called Recdesk with a very nominal fee. This online feature will not be available for swim lessons. Please check out our new web portal by going to: http://pdc.recdesk.com/recdeskportal to look at out this easy registration process. For more information feel free to contact 326-7207 or if you have questions on summer swim lessons please call 412-1130.
Patrick Joseph Lucey (1918 - 2014)
Lucey graduated from Campion High School in Prairie du Chien in 1935. He then attended St. Thomas College and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He served as justice of the peace in Ferryville, Wisconsin, and in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1949 to 1951. He was elected lieutenant governor in 1964, elected governor in 1970, and was reelected in 1974. He resigned in 1977 when he was appointed Ambassador to Mexico by President Jimmy Carter. One of Lucey's executive initiatives was to revive an idea to merge the state's two university systems, the Wisconsin State University (WSU) system and the pre-eminent University of Wisconsin (UW), in Madison. The idea was suggested in the 1890s, then revived in the 1940s and 1950s by Governor Oscar Rennebohm and Governor Walter J. Kohler, Jr. In 1971, Lucey raised the issue again, saying a merger would contain the growing costs of two systems; give order to the increasing higher education demands of the state; control program duplication; and provide for a united voice and single UW budget. Merger legislation easily passed the Democratic-controlled Assembly. After much maneuvering and lobbying, it was approved by a one-vote margin in the Republican-controlled Senate. It took until 1974 for implementation legislation to be finalized. Lucey also recommended additional funding for tourism, which spurred development throughout the state. Two examples were the expansion of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources park system and the Mt. Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin. Since 1974, Cable and Mt. Telemark hosts the American Birkebeiner each year, the largest cross-country ski race in North America. The John Anderson—Patrick Lucey presidential ticket received 5,719,850 vote for 6.6% of the total vote in the 1980 presidential election. In September 2009, Lucey was honored with a Wisconsin Historical Society marker in Ferryville.
John Muir (1838–1914)
Muir grew up near Portage, attended the University of Wisconsin for a semester, and lived in Prairie du Chien briefly before embarking on the career that made him famous as a founder of American environmentalism. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, have been read by millions. His activism helped to save the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is now one of the most important conservation organizations in the United States. One of the most well-known hiking trails in the U.S., the 211-mile John Muir Trail, was named in his honor. Other places named in his honor are Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, John Muir College, and Muir Glacier.
W.H.C. Folsom House (109 Blackhawk Avenue) - Folsom, a businessman, built this residence in 1842. Captain Wiram Knowlton, a prominent attorney, recruited local militiamen from his office in this building during the Mexican War, and naturalist John Muir worked here briefly as a printer.
  Mission Statement
The City of Prairie du Chien Park and Recreation Department's mission statement serves as a means to work towards the community’s needs that the city should be striving to provide quality facilities and offer affordable wholesome recreation and leisure opportunities that enhance the quality of their lives while living in this community. With over 600 acres of parks and open spaces, a recreation center, indoor and outdoor pool, and an abundance of riverfront activities and events, they all bring people together and add to a sense of civic pride and belonging. As a fully developed community, maintaining and updating park and recreational facilities will preserve the value and popularity of the city’s park system. The City’s waterfront, farm park, arts, culture, and historical features adds to the meaning of community life and certainly sets this community apart and should continue to be highlighted. Residents want places to gather, socialize, and meet. Residents also encourage activities that build a sense of community such as city-wide festivals and events that recognize the city’s history, diversity, and desire to have fun!

1. Continue to maintain and enhance city parks, recreation facilities, open space, and leisure services to meet the community needs.
2. Continue to develop high quality and a wide variety of recreation and leisure programs to youth, adults, and special needs participants to meet the needs of the community.
3. Continue to provide programming with various partnerships.
4. Continue to upgrade parks, trail systems, and playground equipment.
5. Enhance the city’s waterfront, farm park, arts, cultural, and historic assets.
6. Build support and promote a sense of community through recreation programming.
7. Preserve, maintain, and educate the community on the natural resources for ourselves and future generations.

Director of Parks and Recreation Mike Ulrich - Aquatics/Fitness Coordinator Suzette Cunningham
Seasonal part-time employees (Summer 60-70) - Seasonal part-time employees (Winter 30-40)
The City of Prairie du Chien has enacted boat launch fees for all boat launching areas in the City. Boat launch passes can be purchased at:
* City Hall, 214 E. Blackhawk Ave., Prairie du Chien, 608-326-6406
* City Police Station, 224 N. Beaumont Rd., Prairie du Chien
* Cabela's Retail Store, 501 E. Cliffhaven Rd., Prairie du Chien
* Kwik Trip - 1000 S Marquette Rd and 201 S Marquette Rd, Prairie du Chien
PARK SYSTEM (Click here to see all of our parks)

To request your 2015 Prairie du Chien 64-page visitor's guide, please click on the picture above or visit the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce website!
Pictured are the Champions from the Prairie du Chien Parks and Recreation Basketball League at Hoffman Hall. Park and Rec Director Mike Ulrich noted that over 70 games were played this year with the 11 teams participating in what was a very balanced and competitive league. Special thanks goes out to Coordinator Scott Riley, the officials and scorekeepers who made this enjoyable experience for all. Ulrich noted that because of such a successful league they will be offering an Adult 3 on 3 League this summer. Please call 326-7207 if interested!

A League Basketball Playoffs (High Scorer)
* Sand Prairie Construction 52 (Trevor Wedenhauser - 17 pts), Dependable Solutions (Vince Weber - 12 pts)
* Lomas Electric 55 (Jeremy Fradette - 16 pts), Jims Bar 44 (Ryan Reilly - 17 pts)
Championship Game
Lomas Electric 66 (Christopher McCullick - 19 pts), Sand Prairie Construction 49 (Trevor Wedenhauser - 24pts)

B league Playoffs
* Roys Concrete 46 (Joe Childs - 19 pts), Moravits Farms 37 (Nate Copsey - 16 pts)
* LuLu’s Bar 61 (Mike Peterson), Silver Creek Hardwood Floors 25
Championship Game
LuLu’s Bar 45 (Mike Peterson - 21 pts), Roys Concrete 42 (Joe Childs - 26 pts)

LuLu’s Bar players: Brad Klass, Andrew Steger, Andy Bontie, Matt Breuer, Mike Peterson, Joseph Ardnt, Ryan Pomerening
Lomas Electric players: Ryan Bunders, Jaimie Macarthy, Jeremy Ferdette, Cristopher McCullick, Todd Lomas
Sand Prairie Const.: Sheldon Tanner, Bryan Trainor, Stan Grimm, Billy Lacheta, Doug O’Connel, Josh Anderson, Josh Barret, Trevor Wendhausen,Travis Hudson
The Outdoor Recreation Center is a great way to take advantage of the last month of the summer. Bring the entire family down for Canoe, Kayaks, Disc Golf or bike rentals! The Center is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm or can be reserved in advance on other days of the week by calling 326-7207.
The City of Prairie Chien Parks and Recreation Department ended their season on a great note with the High School Girls Volleyball League End of Year Tournament. This year’s summer league had 15 teams compete in over 125 games on Sundays at Hoffman Hall. Coordinator Linda Redman wanted to thank the staff for their great support and the players themselves who continued to expand their skills, showed excellent sportsmanship, and most importantly had fun!
1st Place - River Ridge Purple
Players left to right - Sydney Bloom, Taylor Langmeier, Amber Patterson, Bridgette Myers, Sammy Steiger, Sierra Schier, Franci Gates
2nd Place - Prairie du Chien
Players left to right - Jacqueline LaHaie, Lauren Nicholson, Molly Mason, Emily Groom, Brytta Sagedahl, Kaitlyn Knapp, Caitlin Pattison
Consolation winners - Kee High
Players left to right - Liz Schwartzhoff, Ellie Cooper, Ashley Schwartzhoff, Rachel Richards, Casey Welsh, Mikayla Gavin, Kendra Cooper, Chloe Severson