The Common Council of the City of Prairie du Chien has the management and control of the city property, finances, highways, navigable waters, and the public service, and has power to act for the government and good order of the city, for its commercial benefit, and for the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and may carry out its powers by license, regulation, suppression, borrowing of money, tax levy, appropriation, fine, imprisonment, confiscation, and other necessary or convenient means.

Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

The Common Council meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. If the regularly-scheduled meeting of the Council falls on an election day, the meeting must be moved to the following week, according to City Ordinance. The Council meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The meetings are also televised on Channel 6.

Agenda and minutes for all Council and Committee meeting can be found here.

The Ordinance governing the Common Council can be found here.
Ron Leys (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 1702 East Parrish Street
Phone: 326-0862 (Home)
Years of Service: Selected in July 2012 to fill a vacancy by the Council
Committees/Commissions: Finance
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 2011
Birthplace: Sheboygan, WI
Family: Wife - Marilyn; 2 children - Jon, Anthony
Occupation: Retired
Education: Sheboygan North High School; UW-Madison
Affiliations: Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, Mississippi River Regional Plan Commission, Crawford County Economic Development Board
Hobbies: Fishing, woodworking
Nate Gilberts (Term expires: April 2017)
Residence: 1304 South 3rd Street
Phone: 326-4949 (Home)
Years of Service: Served on Common Council (2006-2008)
Committees/Commissions: Finance (Chairperson), Personnel
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 1980
Birthplace: Prairie du Chien
Family: Wife - Holly
Education: Prairie du Chien High School, graduated from WWTC in LaCrosse
Occupation: Sales and Drafting, DH Satellite/Solar
Affiliations: Holy Family Catholic Parish, Scream Xtreme, Carp Drop Committee
Other Offices Held: President, Scream Xtreme
Hobbies: Boating, golfing, fishing, hunting, bicycling, model railroading, Wisconsin sports, building haunted houses
Mike "Stubby" Jones (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 1108 South 5th Street
Phone: 326-5106 (Home), 608-412-3881 (Cell)
Email: None
Years of Service: First elected in 2011
Committees/Commissions: Public Works
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 1959
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Family: Married with three sons
Occupation: Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Other Offices Held:
Hobbies: Woodworking, hunting, fishing, running, racquetball
Edward Hayes-Hall (Term expires: April 2017)
Residence: 601 South Michigan   Phone: 326-0918
Years of Service: Selected by Council to fill vacancy (July 2014)
Committees/Commissions: Finance; Personnel
Lived in Prairie du Chien: Since March 2012
Family: 4 boys (Ages 14 through 26)
Occupation: Executive Architect with IBM Corporation
Background: B.Sc. in Soil Science, Post-Grad in Civil Engineering. UK born, naturalized US citizen in 2001. Lived in Upper midwest since 1994
Affiliations: MBCS, MIAgrE, OpenGroup Certified IT Specialist, Senior Certified IT Specialist
Other Offices Held: High School Building Committee, Chatfield MN 2005-2007
Hobbies: Miniature figurine painting, Book collecting, Golf, Elkader Opera House Players, Skeet Shooting, Sailing, Cooking and gardening
Todd Crotty (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 328 South Beaumont Rd. Prairie du Chien, WI, 53821
Phone: 608-412-5855
Years of Service: Appointed by the Council in January 2016
Committees/Commissions: Public Works
Lived in Prairie du Chien: 3 years 
Family: In a relationship. Children: six, ranging from ages newborn to 18 years
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Broadcast Professional
Education: Bachelors Professional Journalism, University of Minnesota
Hobbies: Gardening, Music

Karen Solomon (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 515 North Michigan St.
Phone: 306-6003 (Cell)
Years of Service: First elected in 2008
Committees/Commissions: Personnel, License and Insurance (Chairperson), Finance
Birthplace: Prairie du Chien
Family: Son - Peter; Parents - Walt & Eileen Hermsen, Sister - Kate Hermsen
Occupation: Payroll and Benefits Specialist - Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution
Education: Prairie du Chien High School; BS - Criminal Justice, UW-Platteville
Affiliations: Wisconsin Corrections Association
Offices Held:
Hobbies: Reading, bike riding, my dogs
Jean Titlbach (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 126 Mondell Court
Phone: 326-8592 (Home)
Years of Service: First elected in 2008
Committees/Commissions: Council President; Finance
Lived in Prairie du Chien: 35 years
Birthplace: Gackle, ND
Family: Two daughers, two grandchildren
Occupation: Systems Analyst - 3M
Education: BS - Industrial Engineering; BS - Psychology
Affiliations: Faith Evangelical Free Church
Other Offices Held:
Hobbies: Walking, gardening, making felt
Todd Myers (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 1107 East Iowa Street
Phone: 608-306-4704
Years of Service: Appointed by the Council in October 2013 to replace Judeen Ames
Committees/Commissions:Public Works (Chairman)
Lived in Prairie du Chien: One (1) year
Birthplace: Milwaukee
Family: Wife (Susie), Daughter (Karli)
Occupation: State Superintendent for the Crawford County Highway Department
Education: WWTC - La Crosse
Other Offices Held:
Hobbies: Boating, snowmobiling, skiing
Ron Leys
Mike Jones
Todd Crotty
Karen Solomon
Jean Titlbach
Todd Myers

Nate Gilberts
Edward Hayes-Hall
2016 - Nate Gilberts
2015 - Jean Titlbach
Oct 2012-2015 - Ken Fleshner
Apr-Oct 2012 - Frank Pintz, Jr.
2011 - Linda Munson
2010 - Linda Munson
2009 - Dave Hemmer
2008 - Dave Hemmer
2007 - Phil Dagnon
2006 - Brad Steiner
2005 - Brad Steiner
2004 - Brad Steiner
2003 - Brad Steiner
2002 - Brad Steiner
2001 - Brad Steiner
2000 - Brad Steiner
1999 - Brad Steiner
1998 - Brad Steiner
1997 - Frank Pintz, Jr.
1996 - John Kluesner
1995 - John Kluesner
1994 - John Kluenser
1993 - Stan Toberman
1992 - Art Conley
1991 - Ken Dearborn
1990 - Ken Dearborn
1989 - Bernard Kaufman
1988 - Bernard Kaufman
1987 - Bernard Kaufman
1986 - Bernard Kaufman

The City of Prairie du Chien has numerous boards and commissions that advise City Council or have direct responsibility for various functions or activities within the City. If you are a resident of the City and would be interested in serving, please contact Mayor Dave Hemmer or City Administrator Aaron Kramer. You fill out a simple form expressing your interest and the next time that an opening occurs for a board or commission that interests you, the City Council will include your name among any others who have volunteered in making their appointment.

Plan Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals
Board of Review
Police and Fire Commission
Parks and Recreation Committee
Library Board
Airport Commission
Harbor Commission
Community Development Committee
LaRiviere Farm Park Committee
Redevelopment Authority

To learn more about the members and the duties of each board and commission, please click here

Fort Crawford stood guard over Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, from 1816 until 1856. Now, the Fort Crawford Museum displays the history of the fort, its city, and the many lives that crossed here. Visit us from May through October for a self-guided tour or attend one of our upcoming events.
I want to welcome you to our city. Our website will give you basic information about our city, but the real key to our wonderful town is the people that live here! We are located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin where the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers come together. Because we are the oldest community on the upper Mississippi, we have a wealth of history.

I invite you to come visit sites like the Villa Louis home of the Dousman Family, our Fort Crawford Museum and other places too numerous to mention. If you like history, you will love it here! We also have many different recreational opportunities in and around our city from boating and biking to hiking to horseback riding. We have it all! Our parks are very inviting through all of the seasons from the greening of spring to the beautiful colors of fall. If you like swimming, we have indoor and outdoor facilities available.

From May throughout the growing season we have Farmers Markets in downtown on Saturday mornings where fresh produce meats and bakery items may be purchased. Prairie offers lots of various events throughout the summer from the Rendezvous on St. Feriole island to Prairie Dog Blues Fest. You will find considerable fun entertainment in our city.

For winter enthusiasts we have cross country ski trails and hills for sledding or just walking in the quiet of the country out at La Riviere Park. We also have ice fishing and snowmobile trails. New Years Eve brings our Dropping Of The Carp Fest on the Gateway to St. Feriole Island, a truly unique event that to experience!

If you are interested in relocating here Prairie has a lot to offer. We have a variety of different business and industry. Our school system offers both public and parochial educational opportunities. Southwest technical college and Upper Iowa University offer classes. We have Crossing Rivers Hospital and three medical clinics for all your health needs.

I have touched on just a few of the many wonderful things Prairie du Chien offers so please come visit us soon!

Dave Hemmer, Mayor
2010 - Now : Dave Hemmer
2008 - 2010: Karl Steiner
2004 - 2008: Cheryl Mader
2000 - 2004: Mary Jane Faas
1996 - 2000: Karl Steiner
1992 - 1996: William Farnum

The Finance Committee
Nate Gilberts (Chairperson)
Karen Solomon
Ron Leys
Jean Titlbach
The Finance Committee shall consist of four (4) alderpersons, one from each aldermanic district not serving on the Public Works Committee and one at-large member not service on the Public Works Committee. The Committee shall be responsible for the following:
(a) Approving claims and the investigation of unusual claims against the City
(b) The investigation of and application for any State, Federal or County grants and aids for which the City may be eligible
(c) The recommendation for the pay scale and fringe benefit guidelines for City employees
(d) The preparation of the annual budget
(e) All other matters referred to the Committee by the Council

The Personnel, License and Insurance Committee
Karen Solomon (Chairperson)
Nate Gilberts
Jean Titlbach
Edward Hayes-Hall
The Personnel and Licensing Committee shall consist of four (4) alderpersons. The Committee shall be responsible for the following:
(a) Bargaining with City employee units pursuant to guidelines established by the Council
(b) Promoting the voluntary conciliation, mediation and arbitration of disputes between City bargaining unit employees and the City
(c) The investigation and recommendations for license and permit applications requiring Council action
(d) Investigating and making recommendations to the Council regarding the City’s insurance program
(e) The application of the City’s Personnel Ordinance (see Chapter 22), including, but not limited to, disciplinary matters involving City personnel not delegated under other sections of this Code.
(f) All other matters referred to the Committee by the Council

The Public Works Committee
Todd Myers (Chairperson)
Mike Jones
Todd Crotty
Edward Hayes-Hall
The Public Works Committee shall consist of four (4) alderpersons, one from each aldermanic district not serving on the Finance Committee and one at-large member not service on the Finance Committee. The Committee shall be responsible for the following:
(a) Construction and maintenance of all City streets and sidewalks
(b) The operation of the water and waste water utilities
(c) The construction of sewer and water mains
(d) The maintenance and rental of all City owned land, improvements, and personal property
(e) The sale of all City owned land, improvements, and personal property not needed for City purposes
(f) The preparation and letting of bids for all authorized public construction
(g) The preparation of proposals for authorized equipment purchases
(h) The maintenance of City buildings and grounds and policy recommendations to the Council for the operation of same
(i) All sanitation and health matters
(j) All other matters referred to the Committee by the Council