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City Administrator - Aaron Kramer (Email) - 608-326-6406 - Cell (920-291-5250)

The City Administrator is responsible to the City Council for the efficient administration of all affairs of the City. He ensures that all laws and ordinances are enforced, exercises supervision and control over all departments, and attends all meetings of the City Council, Commissions, and Boards. The Administrator makes recommendations to the City Council for such measures as he deems necessary, prepares and submits the annual budget, and keeps the Council advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City. 
Years of Service: Fourth
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since January 2010
Birthplace: Neenah, WI (Also lived in Emporia, KS; Stevens Point, WI; Ripon, WI)
Family: Wife - Sarah, Daughters - Kylie (8) and Emily (5) Son - Carson (2)
Education:  Ripon High School; UW-Stevens Point (BS in Political Science, BS in Public Administration, Minor in Economics)
Affiliations:  Prairie du Chien Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus
Offices Held: Mayor of the city of Ripon, WI (2003-2010)
Hobbies: Milwaukee Brewers; Green Bay Packers; working on the family website and his Packer website, has been a WIAA-licensed official in basketball, softball and baseball; gardening; spending time with my wife and children; traveling
City Clerk-Treasurer - Barb Elvert (Email) - Barb Elvert joined the City staff in 1974. Barb is responsible for day-to-day financial management of the City, including payroll, and management of voter registration. She also assumes all the duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator in his absence. 

Deputy City Clerk-Treasurer - Joni Clausen (Email) - The Deputy City Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for preparing and maintaining the city's Accounts Payable and Receivables.

Utility Clerk-Treasurer - Cassie Rickleff (Email) - She is responsible for processing all sewer and water bills and licenses. Cassie also serves as the Clerk of the City's Municipal Court.

City Attorney - Lara Czajkowski-Higgins (Email) (Phone - 1-608-326-8434) - The City Attorney’s Office has the management, charge, and control of all law business of the City and is the legal advisor of the Mayor; Council; all Boards, Commissions, and Committees; City Administrator and all Departments of the City.

Czajkowski Higgins named PdC’s official city attorney
(July 29th 2015 - Prairie du Chien Courier-Press)
With Tom Peterson’s retirement as the city attorney for Prairie du Chien, Lara Czajkowski Higgins was
announced as one of two new city attorneys. Czajkowski Higgins is a native of rural Wauzeka and
attended St. John’s Catholic School, as well as Wauzeka High School, graduating in 1993. Afterward,
she attended Grinnell College in Iowa, receiving her bachelors of arts degree in political science in
1997. Following her undergraduate education, Czajkowski Higgins moved to Washington, D.C., and
worked for a year before returning to school, this time at Villanova University School of Law, to receive
her juris doctor in 2001. When Czajkowski Higgins graduated, she entered into work at a large law firm
for a couple of years, one year of which she said she worked one case. “I worked at a firm with about
700 lawyers. Everyone was highly specialized. I specialized in international and environmental law and I
worked on one case. My case appeared before the International Trade Commission, but I didn’t really
want to be that specialized. That’s why I came back [to the area],” explained Czajkowski Higgins. In
2003, Czajkowski Higgins moved back to the area and officially joined Czajkowski & Rider. She is now
married to Michael Higgins and they have three children. “That’s another reason we stayed. We stayed
because this is a good place to raise a family.” With 14 years of experience in law, Czajkowski Higgins
knows that she is qualified to take over as the new city attorney for Prairie du Chien. “I saw this as an
opportunity to serve the community. I’ll be adjusting my practice, but I’m staying in my office and I’m
going to continue a private practice,” she noted. Czajkowski Higgins knows that her role as the city
attorney will be slightly different from Peterson’s role. “Tom used to handle all of the work, but the city
decided that they wanted to have two lawyers. I will be handling all of the legal matters. Taking over
for Peterson, Czajkowski Higgins said that this position is very important to her. “I’m committed to my
job. I have a very broad range of experiences to help me assist the city with its legal matters.” Czajkowski Higgins noted that this won’t be her first time dealing with Prairie du Chien government. “I’ve been doing work for the town of Prairie du Chien for a while,” she commented. Looking forward to what’s ahead, Czajkowski Higgins said that it will be an enjoyable challenge. “Change like this is exciting.” Czajkowski Higgins’ first council meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 4. “Tom and I are going to meet sometime before that to go over the things I’ll need to know. We’re hoping to make it as seamless a transition as possible. He’s been very gracious in allowing me to pick his brain,” said Czajkowski Higgins. The biggest challenges Czajkowski Higgins thinks she will face, at least right off the bat, are the familiarization with the history and background of all of the local situations. “Not having the institutional knowledge right away will be tricky, but it does offer an opportunity for a fresh perspective.” Czajkowski Higgins will officially take over as city attorney on Aug. 1.

Municipal Attorney - Amanda Tisdale (Email) (Phone - 1-608-326-8434)